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Capital Campaign

Building tomorrow together, your donation is our foundation.

Autism Community Network officially moved to 535 Bandera on July 24, 2023.  We are extremely grateful to the initial capital campaign partners for believing in our mission and partnering with ACN to lead the San Antonio and South Texas in strength-based, neurodiversity affirming care for the youngest members of our community. 


Our capital campaign remains ongoing, and we extend an invitation to future partners to become an integral part of our transformative capital campaign.  This is not a simple call for funding, rather an opportunity to be a change agent in the care of children showing developmental delay or have a diagnosis of autism. 

Partnering with ACN to help manifest our vision of becoming a nationally recognized center of excellence for the assessment and treatment of children with autism will:

  • Decrease critical wait times for the most vulnerable facet of our population

  • Create a truly sensory friendly, welcoming environment for all visitors

  • Provide space for play areas and community gatherings to include: an outdoor playground and sensory garden, indoor/outdoor space for Camp AUsome!, a state of the art, multipurpose community center adjacent to the main building, and an expansive parking lot for outdoor food/school drives and holiday events

  • Expand upon current services with additional therapy rooms, kitchens to support ACN's new Feeding Empowerment Program, and larger gyms for therapy and group activities

Partnering with ACN in this way will allow children on the spectrum to be absolute contributors to our society.  Our children will push the envelope of what humanity is capable of with a team of professional and familial caregivers walking beside them.

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