Hands-On Family Empowerment Courses are offered year-round in: More Than Words, DIRFloortime®/Pediatric Autism Communication Therapy (PACT), Sensory Processing, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

These Hands-On Family Empowerment Courses are for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and foster parents and caregivers of children with an autism diagnosis up to eight years of age. Each session is uniquely and specifically designed to meet the needs of the child and family. Because courses are one-on-one and involve hands-on learning, all Hands-On Family Empowerment Courses are held at Autism Community Network.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Hands-On Caregiver Empowerment Course

Caregivers of children with autism now have the opportunity to learn ABA techniques they can apply at home. Caregiver can enroll regardless of whether their child is currently enrolled in an ABA therapy program. This course is also offered in Spanish.

Caregivers enrolled in the course will be empowered with the tools and strategies to increase positive behaviors in their child.

Time: The individual training sessions will be 1 hour per week for 12 weeks.

Trainer: One of ACN’s certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) will work with you and your child.

Email Lisa Jimenez at lisa@acn-sa.org for more information.

DIRFloortime®/Pediatric Autism Communication Therapy (PACT) Hands-On Caregiver Empowerment Course

DIRFloortime® is both a developmental paradigm and a therapeutic technique developed by Child Psychiatrist Stanley Greenspan. The DIRFloortime® Model is founded upon the understanding that development occurs within the context of the caregiver-child relationship. It focuses upon the individual ways that children experience the world around them and upon their capacities to self-regulate, to share attention, to be reciprocal and to explore and learn.

The Pediatric Autism Communication Therapy (PACT) is an evidence-based intervention in which therapists use specific video feedback techniques to work with caregivers to enhance social communication with their children.  

Parents and Caregivers in this Hands-On Caregiver Empowerment Course will learn:

Time: The individual training sessions will be 1 hour per week for 12 weeks.

Therapist: Carrie Alvarado, OTR, Ph.D., DIRFloortime® Expert Provider, PACT Level 2 Accredited Provider

Email Carrie at carrie@acn-sa.org or call (210) 435-1000 x5003 for more information.

More Than Words Hands-On Caregiver Empowerment Course

More Than Words® provides caregivers of young children with autism or social communication difficulties with practical tools to help their children communicate. This unique program was developed by expert speech-language pathologists at The Hanen Centre and is offered around the world by Hanen Certified Speech-Language Pathologists. Visit hanen.org for more information.

Caregivers in the More Than Words® Hands-On Caregiver Empowerment Course will learn:

Time: The hands-on caregiver course will take place over 12 weeks. Weekly classes will be held in group-format, with individual recorded sessions taking place in the home every fourth week.

Therapist: Marie A. Wilson, MS, CCC-SLP, Hanen-Certified in More Than Words®

Email Toni Wilson at toni@acn-sa.org or call (210) 435-1000 for more information.

Sensory Processing Hands-On Family Empowerment Course

Sensory Integration is the process of taking in sensory information from our environment and using it in a functional manner. When our sensory systems do not process this information appropriately we may see problems in other areas. This course helps family caregivers develop better sensory integration for the child.

Families enrolled in this Hands-On Family Caregiver Course will be empowered with the tools and strategies to:

Time: The individual training sessions will be 1 hour per week for 12 weeks.

Therapist: Adrienne Gaither, OTR, C-SIPT

Email Adrienne at adrienne@acn-sa.org or call (210) 435-1000 for more information.

NOTE: Your child will not be counted absent from school with a valid note provided after each session.


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