Autism Community Network is proud to provide the educational tools necessary for families to maximize the potential of their children with autism.  To meet this need, we offer Family Empowerment Programs including Family Empowerment Classes and Hands-on Courses. We also offer autism-friendly Family Empowerment Events.

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Family Empowerment Classes:

Our Family Empowerment Classes are specially designed for family members of children of all ages with autism including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and foster adoption parents and are offered on a variety of topics related to caring for a child with autism. We offer the classes on a regular basis as well as on-demand. The classes are provided free of charge thanks to support from United Way of San Antonio.

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Hands-On Family Empowerment Courses:

Our Hands-On Family Empowerment Courses are designed to target the specific needs of families and supplement therapy for children up to age 8 with autism. Sessions allow families to work one-on-one on the specific needs of their child with a therapist who specializes in autism.

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  1. More Than Words® Hands-On family Empowerment Course- This course provides families of young children with autism or social communication difficulties with practical tools to help their children communicate. This unique program was developed by expert speech-language pathologists at The Hanen Centre and is offered around the world by Hanen Certified Speech-Language Pathologists.
  2. DIRFloortime® Hands-On Family Empowerment Course- The DIRFloortime® Model is founded upon the understanding that development occurs within the context of the caregiver-child relationship. It focuses upon the individual ways that children experience the world around them and upon their capacities to self-regulate, to share attention, to be reciprocal and to explore and learn!
  3. Sensory Processing Hands-On Family Empowerment Course- Sensory Integration is the process of taking in sensory information from our environment and using it in a functional manner. When our sensory systems do not process this information appropriately we may see problems in other areas. This course is designed to help families support sensory integration in their child.
  4. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Hands-On Family Empowerment Course- ABA is an evidence-based practice that utilizes the science of learning and behavior to form the basis of ABA treatment for children with autism. This course is designed to decrease challenging behavior and increase appropriate skills in children with autism.

Family Empowerment Events:

Our Family Empowerment Events offer families an autism-friendly environment in which to socialize with peers, get to know our therapists, ask questions, and have fun! These events are free thanks to support from Autism Speaks.

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