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Autism Community Network is proud to provide the educational tools necessary for families to maximize the potential of their children with autism.  To meet this need, we offer Caregiver Empowerment Programs including Caregiver Empowerment Classes and Caregiver and autism-friendly Caregiver Empowerment Events (currently suspended due to COVID 19).


Caregiver Empowerment Classes:

Our Caregiver Empowerment Classes are specially designed for family members of children of all ages with autism including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and foster adoption parents and are offered on a variety of topics related to caring for a child with autism. We offer the classes on a regular basis as well as on-demand. The classes are provided free of charge thanks to support from The City of San Antonio.


Caregiver Empowerment Events:

Our Caregiver Empowerment Events offer families an autism-friendly environment in which to socialize with peers, get to know our therapists, ask questions, and have fun! (These events have been suspended due to COVID 19, however, we will look to add these family friendly events back into our programming once it is safe to do so.)