"In light of the recent public statements regarding autism and vaccines, ACN would like to affirm our position on this matter. Research studies conducted over the past twenty years have shown no link between vaccinations and autism. We advocate for all children to be vaccinated in order to protect them and others from preventable diseases that can lead to hospitalization and even death. We stand together with the medical and scientific communities on this matter." -Dr. Patricia Del Angel & Dr. Berenice de la Cruz, Autism Community Network

Texas Public Radio (TPR) had our Chief Medical Officer and Pediatrician, Dr. Patricia Del Angel, as a guest on a broadcast to discuss the resources available in San Antonio for children and families affected by autism.  

San Antonio Magazine spoke with Autism Community Network's Occupational Therapist, Dr. Carrie Alvarado, to discuss the Floortime therapy method.

WOAI News 4 recently caught up with Autism Community Network's Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Berenice de la Cruz, to discuss the free Family Empowerment Classes ACN provides for families who have a child with autism.  Learn more here!

Randy Beamer of WOAI News 4 featured a story on ACN on October 26th. Watch the piece here!

Autism Community Network was on the cover of the Express News. Read the article here!

ACN has also been featured in a story by the Express News. Read more here!

Our clinicians Dr. Patricia Del Angel and Dr. Berenice de la Cruz were also featured in recent news stories!  WOAI News 4  KENS 5